Personalised Remembrance Gifts

Losing a dearly beloved family member or pet is a time one cannot describe! However, it is a time of remembrance to remember the memories shared with your loved one! Explore the range of personalised memorial gifts in memory of your special someone!

Have you created a special place of remembrance for someone special or a family pet?! Having a dedicated space in memory of a friend, partner, colleague, sibling, or child can be a beautiful way to highlight and remember the special times you have shared together! It can also be a place for solitude, reflection and a time to sit with your thoughts and feelings! Perhaps you know somebody who has recently lost a family friend or pet and don’t know how to show your support for them! Giving a personalised, sentimental, beautifully made remembrance gift will truly show your friend how much you love them and are thinking of them in their time of need! Traditionally, we can send a deepest sympathies card, however a customised in memory of present might be an ideal way to show you care! In a space such as a garden of remembrance, cemetery or places of memories, a sentimental hanging, personalised plaque or sign could take pride of place on a headstone or in a beautiful corner for reflection. Sometimes, an area of remembrance might be the scene of a sad or happy time and a place which one wishes to honour. Possibly, you have a section of your home where a customised print would look perfect and help to remember your special someone!