I don't know what my order number is

Your order number is a 5-digit code. If you paid via PayPal it will be referred to as the Invoice ID, starting with a WC-

I have not received my order confirmation email

All order confirmations are automatically sent out after a transaction completes. We ask to please check all junk/spam/other folders.

If you have paid via PayPal your order number is the 5-digit Invoice ID, starting WC-, this is confirmation also that your order has gone through successfully.

What pets can you accomodate?

Currently we only accommodate cats or dogs in our designs.

How many people can you accommodate on your pebble people designs?

We can accommodate 6 people/pets’ maximum.

How many people/pets can you accommodate on your glass people designs?

We can accommodate 8 glass people + pets on our Festive Glass designs, and up to 12 people/pets on our Standard Glass designs.

I do not have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

If you click on the PayPal button, it will still allow you to select card payment.

I have already ordered, but would like to now take advantage of the offer

The offer must be applied in the same transaction.

As you have already placed an order, to be able to apply the offer, we must cancel and refund your original order first. We must make it apparent, that by doing so, it will affect the position and could cause a delay of your order within the production line, to where it originally would have been.

I would like to commemorate an angel-baby/lost family member on my print

For requests like this, we normally add a halo to the head.

When ordering, please specify in the personalisation boxes all names, and who the angel is and we will accommodate.

I want to take advantage of the offer, but would prefer different prints/bracelets

The offer only applies to the same print design, or bracelet shape & colour of elastic.

Names and some text/quote (print design depending) can be changed for the 2nd item.

What size are the frames?

The frames hold an A4 size print.

What postal company do you use?

Royal Mail 48
Bracelets, standard prints (with no frame) and letter(s) from Santa
NO tracking or dispatch emails provided.

Framed pebble or glass prints.
Tracking and dispatch texts and emails provided.

**Tracking information is sent to the details submitted by customer(s) at point of purchase