Personalised Acrylic Blocks

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Block ‘n’ Roll! Seeking a present with a personal touch is the stuff dreams are made of and we all know it’s extremely tricky buying a present for the person who has everything! A great way to show your gratitude or to portray your love is by giving the gift of a personalised acrylic block!

How do you find the perfect present to say exactly what you want?! It’s definitely one of life’s great challenges. One of the difficulties is sourcing a gift for someone who really loves bespoke gifts. However, one sure fire way to bring a smile to their face is with a personalised acrylic block. Whether you are wishing to say thank you to the world's best teacher, tutor, teaching assistant, coach or mentor; choosing a tailor-made present is a unique way to express your gratitude to someone who means a lot to you. Have you been on a wonderful learning journey and have been inspired by a lecturer or key worker at school, college or university? Perhaps, you have been part of a sports or work team and believe it’s important to celebrate the highlights and the feeling of being grateful. To be the recipient of a gift with the hand-made touch is a fabulous feeling, and wouldn’t it be great to be the reason someone is happy. Explore the range of customised acrylic blocks to choose the present that’ll have pride of place on their desk, their table, staff room or be the coaster to keep their coffee safe.